Monday, November 5, 2012

Operation Chirstmas Child

I just wanted to mention a charity/outreach opportunity that I have the privilege of organizing at our little church: Operation Christmas Child. (Click on the link to see what kinds of things to include and what not to include.) I know it's a bit late to mention, there's only 2 Sundays left to drop off the box, but I'd like to share anyway. If you go to church (or have kids in AWANAs) you've probably already heard of them. But if you haven't you can still drop off a box at a local church that is doing it, or at one of them drop-off churches (click here to find one.)

Basically what you do is fill a shoebox (any size is fine) with toys, school supplies, hygiene supplies, candy and extras for a girl or boy (age groups are 2-4, 5-9, and 10-14.) in a needy area around the world. For most of the kids, this is the only Christmas they're going to get. The extra special thing about this is the charity that ships and distributes these add tracts in the country's language to the boxes, telling them about Jesus. They also have special classes afterwards for kids and their parents who want to learn more about Him.

Usually we just go to the dollar stores and load up. If you are doing multiple boxes at a time or if you shop with a friend you can get a bigger variety of things because many things at the dollar store comes in packs of 2, 3, 6, or 12. I shopped yesterday with my Grammy (who was paying for a box and was letting Builder Boy pick the things out) as well as using money some people at church gave me to fill more boxes. Below I listed all the things we got, in the different categories. If there is a fraction on the list it means it came in a multi-pack, and I'm using that fraction for the price, rather than the $1 that was spent to buy the whole pack, since I spread it over 3 boxes. If there is no fraction than it was $1.

Soap 1/3
Hand towel
Magic Towel
Wash cloth 1/2
Combs 2/12
Socks 1/3

Stickers & Sticker Album
Yellow paper pads 2/6
Mini-composition books
8 Crayons 1/3
Big erasers 4/6
Little erasers 3/12
Pen 1/4

Toy car set
Toy (not sure what to call it)
Playing cards 1/2
Other playing cards 1/3
Light-up yo-yo 1/2

Dum Dums 1/3
Jolly Ranchers 1/3
Bubble gum 1/4
Cinnamon gum 1/4

Proof I can fit it all in the shoebox :)
Almost $20 even.

You don't have to spend as much as we did per box. But you don't have to spend a ton to make a child's year.

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