Monday, November 26, 2012

Ack! Possible Bead Up the Nose?!

Yesterday Early Bird came up to me and told me that he put a bead up his nose and that it hurt. He has never said or done anything like that before, so we decided to take him to the ER (the call in advice nurse said to take him there instead of rapid care.) 5 hours later we were sent home because we couldn't get him still enough to take a clear x-ray. They refereed us to a nose an ear specialist. The ER doc told me they would sedate him and go up his nose with tools to try to find it. But when I called the specialists' office the nurse (?) told me that they wouldn't do that at the appointment, they would just try to hold him down (which did NOT work last night trying to get the x-ray) and examine to see if surgery is necessary! How did it get to that?! We're not even sure there is anything up there at all!!

Added later: The specialist says there's only a 20% that there even is a bead. He thinks Early Bird might have an infection. He took a culture, we're going to put him on antibiotics if it's positive, and we're suppose to go back in 10 days.

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