Saturday, November 24, 2012

Letters a la Pinterest

I've been meaning to do this for a while and today we did it! We made letters out of "fuzzy sticks" that I picked up at the dollar store. Here's the pin, from the blog Make and Takes.

Early Bird and I had a lot of fun doing this. We didn't make all the letters. Instead we made the letters for words that he wanted to make: BALL, EGG, ICE CREAM, SUN, SON, and his name. It was really interesting because he wanted to make "SUN" and then asked to make "SON." I asked him what "son" meant and he told me a baby son that a mother holds, like he's my son. Then I asked him what "sun" meant, and he told me the rising sun in the sky. I thought that was cool.

Also, MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY!!!! I finally get to be an auntie! Which is only fair since all my other siblings have gotten to be aunts and uncles for 6 years now.

So I am making my sister an ABC blanket for the baby. I found patterns for crocheting letters (here's the pin) that are the perfect size for what I want. Only one problem: the instructions are not in English, and some of the patterns are missing the edge of the letters, and not all English letters are there. So I'm improvising. I found another set of letter instructions, also not in English, but I liked how the other ones looked. So far I have completed A-H. The letters take maybe 10 minutes to make.(Added later: ugh, it took over 30 minutes to try to figure out 'K.' I still think it's worth it, though.)

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