Monday, January 27, 2014

Supplementing FLL1, Lessons 40-50

A continuation of what we're adding to lessons from First Language Lessons For the Well Trained Mind: Level 1 to make them more kinetic learner friendly. (Click here for my posts on previous lessons.)

(Lesson 40) Signing the Months of the Year

One of the ways I've been adding a kinetic learning approach to FLL is to use signs, especially with things Builder Boy is supposed to be memorizing. By the time we got to this lesson, Builder Boy already knew all the months of the year, so there was no issue here. But I wanted to link the signs for the months of the year here for kids who do not and would be helped by it. The links are from our favorite online signing dictionary, Signing Savvy.


(Lesson 43) "The Months" poem

I actually have no help for this one. For previous poems I had hand signs for words to help Builder Boy memorize, but we did not do that with this one. Because of what was going on at the time, I did not require memorization of this poem. But I do love the Knuckle Trick for remembering how many days a month has.

(Lesson 45) Noun Review

For review we used the index cards I made in the beginning lessons and I made a few more to mix it up.

(Lesson 46) Pronouns Hand Signs

I have no idea if my signs are the official ones or not; some are, some probably are not. Either way, they worked really well for us!

I, me, my, mine (point with one finger touching my chest, repeat, hand comes to my chest, repeat)


you, your, your (point at person speaking to, move palm facing hand toward person, repeat)


he, she, him, her, it, his, hers, its (pointing away towards an imaginary person for first five, "push" towards the imaginary person for last three)


we, us, our, ours (make a circle with one finger for first two, make a circle with open hand for last two)


they, them, their, theirs (make a circle indicating a group away from you with one finger for the first two, with your whole hand for the last two)

Pronoun Replacing Game

It's one thing to memorize "a pronoun is a word used in the place of a noun." It's another thing to physically replace the noun with a pronoun in a sentence! So that's what we did to help Builder Boy and Early Bird have a better understanding of what a pronoun is. I wrote out the sentences and used sticky note for the noun/pronoun swap.



The lessons and the poem we got from FLL1. The original link is to the author's printing press website, the picture is a link to the Amazon listing. I came up with the extra activities on my own.

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