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Hi! I'm Mrs. Warde, the blogger and teacher at our homeschool I named Sceleratus Classical Academy (here's how I came up with the name.) Almost 10 years ago I married my high school sweetheart, Principal Daddy. He's actually a dental assistant, but we consider him the principal of our home school. Together we have Builder Boy, Early Bird, and Lady Bug.

I enjoy crafting, and have started all sorts of projects. However, I have finished relatively few. I'm a bookworm who believes that there is no such thing as too many books, only not enough bookshelves. I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening, but a green belt in karate. (Okay, that's only the one year belt. And I earned it.....9 year ago. But I'm still proud of it, and one day I'll go back to it.) I am a Christ follower, but that's not why I only wear skirts. I had a really hard childhood that caused some issues that I've been working though. I've been sharing some of my struggles in the hopes that it will help others with theirs.

My blog is mostly about what we do in our school, to give other parents ideas and enough information about certain products so that they can make a decision without having to buy the book/curricula/kit/whatever first. There is also baby information, parenting ideas/tips, and some of my own struggles as it pertains to parenting. Also lately I've been joining several gifted blog hops, as that is something we here at Sceleratus Classical Academy encounter on a daily basis.

Builder Boy was born in late 2006 and he LOVES to build. He's been talking about being a builder for several years now, and he certainly has an aptitude for creative structures. He's a hands-on, kinetic learner, which has challenged me to translate or add to curricula to better meet his needs. He's a natural at math.

Early Bird was born early 2009 at 32 weeks gestation. (Posts about preemies can be found here.) He's doing great now and not only caught up with his chronological age but blew past it academically. (More about that here.) For him I've had to adjust how I use curricula to match both his intake level, and his output level. (More about that here.) He's a natural reader, and seems to have a gift for understanding how language works and is used.

Lady Bug was born summer of 2013 at 36 weeks. My pregnancy with her was my worst yet; but worth it. She's the princess of the family, and we're enjoying watching her grow and learn.

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