Early Bird Preschool Templates

I don't know how to file share, so I'll post everything as pictures and you can save the templates/coloring pages and print them out if you want.

Day 1: Peacock Craft. We traced our hands and I glued on a peacock body I made ahead of time. I just cut the shape out of light blue construction paper and a small yellow triangle for the beak. Count to 10 (1 to 1 correspondence) for 10 "feathers."

Day 2: Color Birds. I copied the below bird picture from Coloring Pages for Kids. I printed the picture of 4 two times and then I printed 2 copies of the birds on the same page, making 8 smaller ones.  You should be able to copy and paste the bird picture from here. Please let me know if you can't.

After I printed the birds out I colored six of each size in a primary/secondary color. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.) I intentionally colored the big birds with markers and the small ones with crayons so that they colors were not identical. I also colored the bellies a different shade of the main color. Then I cut them out, laminated them with contact paper, and cut them out again. We're going to be using these a lot and I needed them to last. My white board is magnetic, so I put magnet strips on the back. (I found them in the craft section of Walmart for $0.99.)

Penguin craft.  I cut ahead of time a large black oval, a smaller white oval, a black circle (I used a toy dish to trace the shape,) a yellow triangle, and two orange triangles. I made several of each shape (you can see he wanted to use an extra yellow triangle) and had him identify the shapes and the colors before we glued them together. I got the googly eyes at the dollar store, but you can substitute with white circles.

Day 3: Ostrich Craft. I cut ahead of time a large black oval, a long white strip and two shorter white strips, two small white triangles, a white circle, a yellow triangle, and a black feather shape folded in half. We glued the ostrich on orange and green construction paper glued together. I wanted the ostrich to be bigger than the penguin. I held the feather shape and helped him make cuts in the feather shape to add to the bird.

Day 4: Hummingbird craft. I got the picture from Free Kids Coloring Pages. Under the print options (from Microsoft Picture Viewer) I made 3 copies per page to make them smaller. I cut them out of the page and we (Early Bird, Builder Boy, and I) colored them in. We then glued the picture to white paper and drew red flowers around the picture.

Builder Boy's Hummingbird and Red Flowers

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