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Story of the World: Ancient Times
Activity Guide: Ancient Times

(Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia) Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

Introduction: How Do We Know What Happened?
     What Is History?
     What Is Archaeology?
  • Archaeologists Dig for Clues by Kate Duke (ISBN 0-06-027056-X/0-06-027057-8 (lib bdg.) 0-06-445175-5 (pbk.) Can anyone tell me what that means and why they're different? DDN 930.) I did not like how they portrayed the girl as finicky/self-absorbed in the beginning of the book, but as it went on she got interested in in the process and stopped worrying about dirt on her shoes. 

Chapter One: The Earliest People
     The First Nomads
     The First Nomads Become Farmers
  • (Beginning History) Egyptian Farmers by Jim Kerr (1990 edition is out of print/not available on ISBN 0-531-18374-2. The inside has the Dewy number as 630.932 but my library had it at 932.)

Chapter Two: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River
     Two Kingdoms Become One
  • The Nile River  by Allen Fowler (ISBN 0-516-21559-0, Dewy Decimal number 916.2 If you're looking for it in the library it is a small book.) Builder Boy liked book which was a little above his reading level, but the vocabulary level was perfect to him. It covered a lot in just a few sentences per page with great pictures. And before I read it the first time a few years back I had no idea they had built a dam to stop the Nile from flooding.
  • (Craft Topics) Egyptians: Facts*Things To Make*Activities by Rachel Wright (1992 edition that I found is out of print/not available on The 2001 is only available on used at an unrealistically high price. ISBN 0-531-14209-4. The inside has the Dewy number as 932.01 but my library had it at 745.592) This is a really neat book and it's where I got the instructions to make an ancient Egyptian wig. It also has instructions for making your own personal seal stamp, a water clock, fish charms for you hair, a cloth collar, and a paper sarcophagus and mummy.
  •  Ancient Egyptian Costumes Paper Dolls  Be aware though that they are fairly authentic, which means most of the girl outfits show mostly bare breasts (they hide the nipples) and a lot of cleavage. I still think they were worth it, though, and Builder Boy really doesn't care about not having a lot of girl outfits 
  • Ancient Egyptian People by Sarah McNeill (ISBN 0-7613-00562  DD# 932)


     Gods of Ancient Egypt

Chapter Three: The First Writing
     Hieroglyphs and Cuneiform

Chapter Four: The Old Kingdom of Egypt
     Making Mummies
     Egyptian Pyramids
  • Pyramids (A First Discovery Book) (ISBN 0-590-42786-5. My library had it at 932. If you are looking for it in a library it is a small book.) Builder Boy loves this book. He calls it the "switch book" because it's the first book he's ever seen with transparent pages that has different pictures on the two sides. It is a small, short, and simple book, but what it has in there he has memorized and he's been able to combine all the diagrams of the insides of pyramids from different books in his head and retained all the main information.
  •  (History Highlights) Pyramids by Anne Millard (ISBN 0-531-17154-X)

  •  There is also a more basic black and white, color-it-yourself model of the Sphinx here
Chapter Five: The First Sumerian Dictator
   The First Sumerian Dictator

Chapter Six:The Jewish People
   God Speaks to Abraham
   Joseph Goes to Egypt

Chapter Seven: Hammurabi and the Babylonians
   Hammurabi and the Babylonians

Chapter Eight: The Assyrians
   Shamshi-Adad, King of the Whole World
   The Story of Gilgamesh

Chapter Nine: The First Cities of India
   The River-Road
   The Mystery of Mohenjo-Daro
  • We experimented to see which combination of our local dirt types would make the best bricks. Part 1, Part 2.

Chapter Ten: The Far East: Ancient China
   Lei Zu and the Silkworm
   The Pictograms of Ancient Egypt
   Farming in Ancient China

This page will be continuously updated as we progress through SOTW.

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