Monday, September 24, 2012

Sumerian Seals

Builder Boy's on the left, mine (a heart around the cuneiform letter "W")
'B" stamp on the left, Builder Boy's seal on the right
Friday we learned about Sumer/Akkadia and we made Sumerian Seals with air-dry clay. (Story of the World Activity Book One: Ancient Times Chapter Five The First Sumerian Dictator) We used popsicle/craft sticks to make the groves deep and wide enough for the seal to make a good impression. They dried over the weekend and today we reviewed what we learned and then tested out the dried seals. Early Bird's was too thin (thinner than a pencil) and broke in three pieces when we tried it on the wet clay. Builder Boy's and mine were thicker, and fine. We made holes in the stamped clay to make pendents to wear.

Then the boys got out the play-dough and tried out the seals on that. This showed how the seal could be used a lot of times, and that it was easier than writing your name in cuneiform every time. We also have letter stamps so it was a good example of stamping names/words in our time, too.


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