Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Supplementing FLL1, Lessons 11-20

A continuation of what we did to teach lessons from First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 1 in a kinetic way. (Click here for my post about the first ten lessons.)

Work poem (Lesson 15)
   We know a few signs thanks to Signing Time and two great sites online, so we worked out signs and hand motions for this poem. Blue words in the poem are linked to that sign on an awesome, free website that has videos of the signs. Not all hand motions are official ASL signs. The descriptions in blue are official, the black/gray is our own interpretation.

Work, by Anonymous

Work while you work, tap fist on top of another fist (palms down)
Play while you play; make "hang ten" or "y" hands and shake

This is the way  point down, then wave your hands in front of you to show a curvy path
To be happy each day. cup your hand and lift it up your chest, then lay one arm flat and use the other hand to "set" a pointer hand down


All that you do, make cupped hands down and move side to side
Do with your might; make a strong man pose


Things done by halves use one hand to split the fingers on the other side in half*
Are never done right. steeple hands and then move them to the side and down, shaking your head**


*The sign for "full" shows the top of a cup (your fist) being full. We decided to shoe"half" as the cup(fist) at the half way point.
**This is the sign for "not" rather than "never," but this is the one we know better and is more natural.

Places are nouns (Lesson 17-20)
   To get the idea of places we drew blueprints (on blue paper) of a made-up house plan and labeled all the rooms. The next day we drew a map of a town and identified all the different buildings that are found in towns. The next day we drew a map of a county with different places (which was a great review of the different habitats we learned about in science.)

*Click here for my post about the next 10 lessons.*

___________________________________________________________________________________ The original link takes you to the author's printing press online store. The picture is a link to the page. All extras ideas are my own, and I don't get paid for reviews.

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