Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Pin it! Button

You can now "pin" my posts on Pinterest! You do have to click on the individual post, it doesn't show up on the "Home" page. The code from the main site apparently doesn't work on blogger, so I used the code from another site (but it still pins it on Pinterest.) This means that the button is not next to the Twitter, Facebook, etc. buttons. It is above the "posted by theYoungerMrsWarde" part. It also won't be in the exact same spot each time (sorry about that.) I hope it's not to much of issue spotting it. It also allows you to chose which picture you want to represent the post.

I also have a "Follow me on Pinterest" button on the side, which was much easier to add, and to see.

Please post a comment if there are issues with using the Pin it! button or if you know a better way to add it to blogger.

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