Monday, January 27, 2014

Supplementing FLL1, Lessons 51-60

A continuation of how we're adding to First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind: Level 1 to make it more kinetic learner friendly. (Click here for my posts on previous lessons.)

(Lesson 51) Bundle of Sticks

Lesson 51 has students listening to a story that tries to encourage family unity using the analogy of breaking sticks. So after we read the story and did the narration we did the obvious thing, we went out side to test if a bundle of sticks really is harder to break than a single stick.

(Lesson 52) Verbs!

Now that we're working with verbs, there is a LOT of moving and kinetic things to do. We used signs to help us remember the long definition of a noun. Once we figured out what we wanted the signs to be, the boys memorized the definition long before the book expects it of them.

"A verb is a word that does an action (walk in place)

shows a state of being (bring your hand down your torso, showing your self)


links two words together (link your index fingers together/sign for "friend")

or helps another verb."
(make a fist with one hand and lift it up with the other/sign for "help")

(Lesson 54) In Case of Emergency....

One of the things I love about First Language Lessons is that the kids end up learning a lot more than what you would think of when you think of "grammar." One of the things FLL1 works on with young students is memorizing their address and phone number. During these lessons we had a carbon monoxide scare (post to come) and we needed to call 911. That day after it was over I talked to the boys about calling 911, under what conditions they would be the one who would need to call, and what questions they would need to answer. We practiced them calling and having to give their address and phone number. I also made a paper and put on the fridge with 911 at the top and our address and phone number on it. Because if they are actually having to call, I don't want them to be stressed about having to remember; they can just read it off the paper.

The lessons and the poem we got from FLL1. The original link is to the author's printing press website, the picture is a link to the Amazon listing. I came up with the extra activities on my own.

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