Thursday, January 2, 2014

Growing Green Onion From Scraps?

After the first week...
....still going strong after more than a month!

A while back while browsing Pinterest I came across the concept of growing your own vegetables from scrap leftovers. I have a black thumb. I literally cannot keep anything alive. (Remember our bean plant science study?) And the TWO different times I tried, I couldn't even get an avocado pit to sprout!

But I like green onion and don't buy it very often, so I thought "what's the worst that can happen? I just don't get any extra onion." So I tried it. I cut all but the white parts and the roots and stuck the bottoms in a cup of water in the kitchen window.

And what do you know, it actually grew! And kept growing, even when I cut some off! Some of the plants did not thrive, but enough did that we're eating green onion in our meals at least once a week! I just change out the water ever few days and try to keep it warm (since it's next to the window.)

So if you like green onion, give it a try! I'm thinking of trying celery next...


  1. That's so neat! I have a black thumb too. I forget about plants, etc. Our garden only survives because of my husband. lol

  2. Awesome! I've always wanted to try this. Now, I'll give it a go!


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