Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Plan

February Blahs are in full effect. Plus, I have some other personal issues making this month even harder. I almost didn't make a plan for Valentine's Day. My oldest is only seven years old; he can survive another year not knowing about about Hearts and Candy Day, right? I haven't done my research; I'm not qualified to teach about Saint Valentine. And I forgot to look for a book when we were at the library earlier this week.

I thought about making it about service and showing love to others, but to be completely honest I'm burnt out. And I really do not want to leave the house again this week. My kids resist much coloring or writing; I'm not going to force this. So what am I supposed to do?

I decided (last minute) that this Friday, February the 14, 2014 is going to be "Love Your Family Day." My kids already love their family, but we're going to practice different ways of showing it. I'll have the boys make just one card/picture. We'll take the day off of school and just enjoy time with each other. We'll think of something that will make Daddy happy and then do it. We might bake something, but probably not. We'll talk about what makes them feel loved, and do it. We'll go out to dinner as a family so I don't have to cook (which makes ME feel loved.) And we'll take a break from being busy and just take time to express love.


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