Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slow and Steady: Week 28 (and Week 22)

I'm finally getting back to doing Slow and Steady Get Me Ready on a regular basis. I stopped doing it for a while because Lady Bug went through a phase when all she was doing was sleeping. And the few times that she wasn't, I was schooling the boys. Or cooking dinner. Or, you know, the whole "mom" thing. Also, I admit I had a bit of a hang up with Week 6. As author of the book tries to keep to stuff you can find in most households, she suggests making a sock ball that will be used for several different activities. For some reason, I got stuck on that, didn't get it done, and felt like a failure. It was 22 weeks later when I finally figured out: I could use a small stuffed animal instead! I don't have to do it exactly like it says in the book because it's not the boss of me. Now that I've finally figured that out, and now that Lady Bug is awake a lot more and is showing much more interest in things, we're back to doing the activities.

I'm going to stick to the activities we would have been doing if we had continued on from when we started. But I'm also going to do some (but not all) of the skipped activities; just not in order.

This week we was about encouraging baby to touch her feet with her hands. Lady Bug has been doing that some already, though I noticed that she doesn't do it when she is in a sleeper/covered feet outfit. So I put her in a jumper to encourage more of this.

I also did Week 22, which is doing "This Little Piggy" on baby's toes. I confess, I love baby feet. Lady Bug's get played with almost every diaper change. I am so enjoying this one last time having a baby.

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