Monday, February 24, 2014

Life of Fred: a Gateway Book!

I purchased the first six books of the Life of Fred elementary series because I have been feeling unsure about our choices in math. I thought it would be a fun supplement to introduce new math concepts. What I did not realize was that it would get Builder Boy to read!

Until recently I wouldn't have called Builder Boy a reluctant reader. But he doesn't have reading stamina, nor much enthusiasm for it. Taking the DORA certainly proved that he can read. He just doesn't want to very much. His favorite books are the Magic School Bus books. But mostly he just looks at the pictures and reads the little pieces of information, but not the story.

On the day the Life of Fred books showed up in the mail I read the first three chapters with both boys. Early Bird wasn't as interested in the story, which surprised me. I thought he would be the one who responded best to the story format.

Later that day I read a few more chapters to Builder Boy, who liked the story very much. The next day in the car, he finished the book all by himself! This was unprecedented. He excitedly talked about reading the next book and the next. Between that day and the next, he read the entire 19 chapter, 120+ page second book all by himself!

I knew Builder Boy was my math guy. But I never realized math would get him to read! I highly recommend these books for anyone with a math loving reluctant reader. Or anyone, really. These books are a lot of fun! I hope that once he finished the series he'll be confident enough to read other chapter books.

Added later: This morning Builder Boy came up to me and asked for the third book. And proceeded to read seven chapters; 52 pages!
Sometimes the Life of Fred books can be found on (the picture to the side is an affiliate link.) I've been looking on and off and it changes. But if you buy them directly from the publisher, more money goes to the author, and the shipping is free in the US. 

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