Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knights Unit Study

It started with Sir Cumference. I'd heard of Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure) for years but my library didn't have it and I never saw it in a thrift store. When we moved I finally found it at our new library. Early Bird had been vanquishing dragons in the caves (aka my walk-in closet) for a few weeks so I thought, why not capitalize on the interest? (Yay for being able to homeschool!) So I checked out Sir Cumference, You Wouldn't Want to Be a Medieval Knight!: Armor You'd Rather Not Wear, and 100 things You Should Know About Knights & Castles and added in the story of Saint George and the Dragon found in The Children's Book of Virtues that I already had. I poked around Pinterest and the internet and printed out for free what I needed to make our first ever lapbook. Here's where I got the lapbook printables for free. I used most of the level 2 and a few of the level 3. Here's the instructions for making a lapbook that I used. I also came up with the idea to make easy and cheap, no-sew knight costumes that really sparked their imagination and active participation. We also re-watched our favorite Horrible Histories clips that involved knights, including the Knight Song and Castle Defences. The whole thing was supposed to take only a week. It lasted almost a month.'s been several months since I started this blog post. I thought I had finished and posted this, but clearly I hadn't. So I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.
Front of the lapbook

We've never done a lapbook before and I am very happy with the one we made. I arranged and pasted all the parts ahead of time to make sure they would fit and work together. I "mounted" some of the print outs on colored paper for some color because my boys are not all that interested in coloring things.

Timeline Game-great perspective!

Back of the lapbook

They loved the dubbing ceremony. Early Bird started dubbing everyone and every thing in the house, ending with "ha-rise, sir knight!"

When Builder Boy started building castles with every toy, every where he went, and was naming the parts, I knew it stuck.

Building castles everywhere

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