Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lady Bug is Five Months Old!

Lady Bug is now five months old (four months developmentally adjusted for being born a month early.) At her last doctor's appointment she was 11.5 lbs which is coming close to three times her birth weight.

Lady Bug turned five months old a few days after her very first Christmas. She didn't really do much beyond enjoy the pretty lights, but she is starting to occasionally show interest in her new toys. Her favorite things to look at are still her brothers, and she smiles extra big for Daddy.

She has been amazing; sleeping well most nights, and as long as someone is holding her she's usually not fussy during the day. Which, since I have been dealing with PPD, I am extremely grateful for.

When you look at her first month pictures and compare them to this month's, you can really see the difference! Especially next to that bear which has appeared to shrink! The nine month sleeper can actually be snapped at the top without being too baggy, though the middle and the legs are still too long and big.

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