Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nocturnal Tag Team (Guest Post by Domestic Imp)


I don't know what it is that the two youngest minions are up to, but it's become obvious, even to my sleep deprived brain, that there is indeed a plot in the works.

As Holmes would say, "There's trouble afoot!"

It seems, once I'm settled into bed, Cubby begins to wail.

Sometimes, it's as soon as my head sinks into my pillow.

Other times, it's just as I start to drift.

It used to happen now and again, but lately, it's an every night experience. I'm genuinely not sure what's worse, the instant wail, or the waiting til I start to drift wail, but I'm leaning towards the drift, because it's more of a tease...sleep so close, then so brutally yanked away.

Then, Boo gets in on the action.

His participation of the nocturnal game of Get Momma is to wait until I'm either in the midst of taking care of Cubby...or, just as I'm about to tuck Cubby in, thinking I'm home free and able to crawl back into bed, HE wakes up, and begins to wail.

Again, not sure what's worse,  being mid feed or change with Cubby, and hearing Boo wake, or mere steps away from crawling into bed myself.

And then it repeats, about three hours later.

I don't know how they're doing it, but they're decidedly working together. There can be no further doubt.

I thought that Boo cuddling, kissing, and babbling away at Cubby was a sign of brotherly love, and took delight in Cubby's reaction to him, the smiles, the huge belly laughs, and almost hysterical giggling.

Nope. They were making plans to coordinate their nocturnal domestic terrorism.

This is all their Dad's fault. They obviously get their devious plotting abilities from him. 

Everyone knows how innocent, pure of motives, and committed to peace and harmony of all mankind and Earth's creatures I am.

Not even my dog believes that.


This was a guest post by the hilarious Domestic Imp. You can find her blogging about homeschooling, parenting, and domestic.....bliss.... over at Not A Stepford Life.

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