Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Week 1 in Review

Early Bird's science Christmas present
Trying various kinetic ways to help Builder Boy learn telling time.

Early Bird's copy work!
Testing out the stick breaking story from a grammar lesson.

Coming out of depression, I'm focusing on every little victory. I did a full school week this week; the first full week since Thanksgiving. It was light, review for some of it, and only took about half the time it normally does. But we did seven subjects (handwriting, grammar, writing, spelling, reading, math, and science) for at least four days this week, which is the goal. It felt really good to get that done. We even successfully introduced our new subject, writing, using Writing With Ease. I wasn't expecting Early Bird to be interested, but he insisted and did just fine with narration. He even did his own copy work! Not bad for still not having been officially taught how to write.

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