Friday, August 18, 2017

Math Facts Help for Digital Learning

  There is an idea I heard about from some homeschooling moms for kids who are ready for higher math but don't have their math facts memorized. The idea is for them to use a times table or other with the facts written down, and refer to it as needed. As they continue working on the higher level work they will have the facts reinforced by them seeing it and eventually they won't need it anymore. But in the meantime you're not frustrating the kid with boring repetition when they're ready and interested in going beyond 5=2+3. Early Bird is back to doing math at Dream Box (at his request) for the next few months. Since he always does that on the laptop, I turned the area into a math center for him with all the reference materials and tools he may need to make it smooth sailing.  I used Command Hooks to hold up his Right Start abacus (I love Command Hooks,) I got the cute 10 Buddies print out from Teachers Pay Teachers (free to download!) and the rest I either used a Google image search or made myself. Early Bird does well learning from visual sources, so here's hoping this will work for him.

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