Saturday, August 25, 2012

Double Crown of Ancient Egypt

To make a paper Double Crown of Ancient Egypt you need white construction paper, red construction paper, extra white paper and some wax paper.

Start with the White Crown of Upper Egypt. Tape or glue two pieces together and fold around to make a cone shape with an opening at the top. Secure with tape or glue. Ours turned out to be a little bit small. We had to un-tape where we originally had put the two pieces together and re-tape at a different angle. That made the corners poke out at the back which actually was good for keeping it on Builder Boy's head, so we left it instead of trimming it.

Then crumple up a plain piece of paper (I used printer/copy paper) to make a ball/egg shape. Wrap another piece of paper around it, making it a bit smoother and bigger. Wrap it all in wax paper and tape it together. Tape or glue it to the top of the white cone. (I used tape on all of this.) You now have the White Crown of Upper Egypt.

To make the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, cut a piece of red construction paper in half lengthwise and tape the short sides together. Wrap it around your kid's head and tape or glue the back to fit. I made our red crown a bit big to compensate for the white crown being a bit to small. I taped the red crown to the white crown before adding the last detail. You can leave them apart and wear them separately. For the back detail I cut a strip of red construction paper and then rolled the top of the strip around a pencil and then let it go.

Add to your Egyptian Collar and a white kilt and ta da! You're a pharaoh over all of ancient Egypt!

The pharaohs did not wear the crown over a wig (at least, not in any of the pictures in the books we've been looking at) so we left the wig off.

The instructions to make the white crown came from the Story of the World Activity Book One: Ancient Times. I added the red crown on my own (Builder Boy wanted a Double Crown, not just the white one.)

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