Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Skirts

Here we are at the end of the series about wearing skirts all year round. I've heard other women talk about how they'd wear skirts all the time if it weren't for winter and how it's too cold to wear skirts then. So this post is about how I manage to wear skirts all through the rain, wind, cold, and snow.

Tip #1: length and layers. I only wear ankle length skirts, so that's a given for me. (Yes, even in the summer time!) I know the layers part is a bit obvious, but I wonder if women are hesitant to layer because they think it will look bad. So I took pictures to show that when I layer, you can't even tell.

The skirt on the left is the same skirt as the one in the picture in the Spring Skirts post. Under it is the gray skirt from my Summer Skirts post. Aside from a few extra pounds hanging around my middle that can't be blamed on the second layer skirt, you really can't tell. And it's so warm I've stood around in the snow, while it's snowing, holding Lady Bug while the boys sled and felt plenty warm!

The skirt on the right is a light/thin fabric skirt I found when we moved that I had packed away in our previous move and had forgotten about. I'm wearing it over soft pants that are a bit thicker than yoga pants, I think, but thinner than sweat pants. The skirt is long enough you can't see pants underneath. There is no bunching nor other visual indication of layers at the waist, either.

Skirt over Skirt
Skirt over Yoga Pants

Tip #2: a long coat. This picture was taken when it was below freezing and pretty windy. The only part of my body that was cold was my hands! I'm wearing the same thin blue skirt as in the picture above, but without the pants. (That was bad planning on my part. I didn't know it was going to snow after we left the house!) The coat is polyester and goes down to mid-calf. It was a gift, so unfortunately I can't tell you where to get your own, but it kept me plenty warm all the way down my legs. Only the hands holding Lady Bug got cold as we walked around looking at Christmas lights.

And in case you're worried about it looking too "grandma" or not fashionable enough, I've gotten quite a few compliments on it! So I'm warm and people like how I look. Win-win.


Tip #3: skirts aren't actually all that cold! I know that may not make much sense since I also said that skirts are cooler in the summer, but it is true. I've worn the light, summer weight skirt in the picture on the right (another rediscovered while moving skirt) in 30*F weather with no layers underneath and only my long red coat. Never even noticed the cold on my way from the car to the store or wherever I was going. If it's really windy, and the snow is deep, then this isn't the right choice. But for the more moderate days when you're just going in and out of buildings or the car, nothing else is needed. Really!

And, yup, that's the same scarf from the Fall Skirts post. $6 at Walmart, and it goes with almost everything I have. No, that's not a fancy way to tie it in the picture; that's just Lady Bug playing with it.

So there you have it: how I wear skirts all through the year. I'm hoping to add a few more to my wardrobe this year; we'll see what I find.

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Some of us are actually thinking about putting stuff together for a collaborative e-book about wearing skirts mostly, so if you're interested stay tuned for more details!


  1. I need to get some winter skirts in my rotation. I am a skirt lover, too!

  2. I love your post!!! Your skirts are lovely too! My favorite is the one by tip #3!!! I love how beautiful and feminine you look! :)

  3. That picture at the end of you two girls looking at each other is beautiful. <3 I can't believe your legs don't get cold with nothing underneath! Even with longer skirts, I have to wear leggings or I'm chattering. lol I like how you layer without it being visible!


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