Friday, May 9, 2014

Too Much "I love you" ?

Several years ago, perhaps before or around the time Builder Boy was born, I was watching an episode of Survivor. (Okay, I was watching a whole season of Survivor.) The contestants received letters from home as a reward. One of them received a letter from his mother in which she wrote "I love you," and he cried because this was only the third time in his life she had ever said that to him.  He was an adult! And his mother had only told him two other times that she loved him? I understand that some people are not great communicators, but I saw how much that affected this grown man, and I vowed my children would never be able to count on one hand how many times I had told them I loved them. Unless they were counting that day only.

One time I shared on facebook that I told Early Bird I loved him, and he answered with "meow!" Someone commented that saying "I love you" so much to my children diluted its meaning, and I needed to say it less so the kids would appreciate it more. Um, no. I am not letting a day go by when I do not tell my children I love them. Every time I put them in the car, I kiss them and tell them I love them. Because what if that was my last chance to tell them that, and I missed it?

Yesterday, a person from an online community I am emotionally invested in unexpectedly lost her young son. I doubt she regrets saying "I love you" as many times as she did, and probably wishes she had said it more. Please; hug your children; tell them you love them.

In honor of a little boy, who's favorite color was red.

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