Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gifts My Children Have Given Me

              that they don't even know about.

Builder Boy gave me the gift of being a mother. That was my greatest wish for all of my life. And my worst fear was that it would never happen for me. He literally made my dream come true, and I am so grateful.

Early Bird gave me two gifts. I never liked the color of my eyes very much. They're a shade of hazel that I used to describe as "partly dried horse poop." (And I know what that looks like from experience.) But when Early Bird was born with hazel eyes the same color as mine, I loved them. And it helped me find beauty in my own eyes. His eyes have turned brown, but that gift remains.

His second gift to me was what I learned about myself when I started researching giftedness because of him. Builder Boy's gifted traits were more subtle than Early Bird's, and I needed his obviousness to start researching. And when I did, I learned about myself as well.

Lady Bug gave me a chance to express my secret girlishness that I kept hidden for so long, and spurned me towards getting help for childhood hurts.

I am so grateful to them. And I will never forget these gifts they have given me.

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