Thursday, September 19, 2013

History Timeline in a Folder

(Picture taken when I first made it.)

This is the folder timeline I made for our I Love America: Teachers Resource Kit curriculum. I was taking the timeline and all the papers back and forth from my house to my father-in-law's house, so it needed to be compact but still convey accurate scale. I ended up with seven pieces of paper taped together with a strip of paper at the "joints'' for reinforcement.

Each page is 50 years because most of the things that are covered in I Love America all happen close together so you need enough room on the paper. I also wanted Builder Boy to see the span of years between the discovery of America and the American Revolution period. The first page has to be glued to a piece of construction paper that is already in the folder or the pages won't fit properly. 

I love Velcro dots!
That many pages folded up with stiff "joints" stuck out a lot an kept wanting to unfold and bounce out, so I made a paper clasp to hold it all in. I taped the red strip of construction paper to the back of the piece of blue construction paper that I glued the first timeline page to. I folded over and glued the end of the strip of red paper to reinforce it. Then I used sticky velcro dots to finish the "clasp."

Since the pages load in the back, behind the timeline I put a page protector for holding the maps that are used for multiple lessons. All the pages that the kids color get three-whole-punched and put in.

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  1. Looking good! I think time lines are a great way to help kids understand the relationship of events in time.


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