Monday, September 16, 2013

Buy Yourself Something Pretty

As parents, and especially mothers, we sacrifice a lot for our children. Which is loving and wonderful, except sometimes we do it to the point of neglecting our own needs. And when we do that we put ourselves in a condition that affects our mood and can degrade the quality of our time spent with our kids.

Sometimes we need to be a little more "selfish" for the good of our kids. And if you're like me you need to be reminded of this and sometimes be given permission to do this.

Here is my personal example:
As my regular readers know, this year I did two very big, money-sucking things; my family moved to another state and I survived a very difficult pregnancy. The whole of 2013 has been emotionally, physically, and financially draining. We're short on enthusiasm, energy, and cash. Which is why I spent the money my mother gave me for my birthday on things we needed for the baby.

A few weeks ago I actually won a blog raffle (plugging IrishMum's homeschooling blog AirSkull) for a $25 Amazon gift card. I saw myself having three choices: spend it on things for homeschool, buy things we need for the baby, or spend it on myself. I have a wonderful group of internet mom friends who convinced me to spend it on myself. I chose to buy something I'd had in my Amazon wishlist for a long time but haven't purchased because I didn't consider it necessary or practical: a Raw Edge Tiered Ribbon Gypsy Boho Long Cotton Skirt . I got it in the mail this week and I LOVE it! This skirt makes me feel like Cinderella; and that's coming from someone who wears a skirt every day! Wearing it puts a spring in my step, makes me smile, and causes a tendency to randomly twirl. Best of all this small indulgence made me feel rich and beautiful.

Picture taken by Builder Boy
Now for you, your pretty thing might not be a skirt. It might be something you wear, something you decorate your house with, something that smells nice, maybe even something that most people wouldn't find all that attractive. The point is to find something that is just for you and makes you smile. Something you will use or see on a regular basis that when you see it gives you a brief rest of spirit and a reminder that you are worth something special now and again. Which can really raise your spirits when circumstances won't let you sleep.

So I'm giving you permission like my friends gave me: buy yourself something that will make you happy. (No, this does not make you materialistic.) Spend a little something on yourself so you can be a happier parent for the offspring you are sacrificing for. You are worth it, and it's good for them, too.

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I promise this post is not just an ad or an excuse to get you to click on my Amazon affiliate links. I included the links because when I posted the picture of me in the skirt on facebook I got a lot of people asking me where I got it. The skirt is also available in a somewhat shorter version. (Just trying to be helpful!)

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  1. This is lovely! I love the idea of something you use or see every day that raises your spirits. What a great idea!


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