Monday, November 4, 2013

Daily Thankfulness Garland

This year they boys will be participating in the daily thankfulness challenge that you often see on facebook every November. Only instead of just putting it on facebook (which I'll be doing on the Sceleratus Classical Academy page) we will also be making a fall leaf garland with our answers.

I searched our local dollar store trying to find die cut fall leaves that I could have sworn I'd seen there before. But they did not have any, so we went on a Leaf Treasure Hunt around our neighborhood to find as many different shapes, sizes, and colors of leaves we could find. We'll be using these for various activities this week.

Once we got back home we each chose a color. Daddy is orange, Builder Boy is green, Early Bird is red, and I am yellow. I chose various leaves and traced them onto colored construction paper. After I traced the leaf I folded the paper as many times as I could make fit to make multiple copies of the leaf shape. This was the only way to accomplish cutting out 120 leaves in one hour or less.

Step 1: Trace
Step 2: Fold

Step 3: Cut
Or fold, then fit, then cut.
Make sure you have 30!

If you can find pre-cut leaves, use them! If you have kids old enough to cut nicely, use them! But once I got into the groove, it wasn't too bad.

Once you've cut them out you can write what you are thankful for that day and add it to the garland. I used staples to attach the paper leaves to a ribbon. I am hanging the garland on the wall in our dining area. The paper color will likely fade over time, but this is a decoration I could possibly save and bring out next year.

PS. It's okay to start this project a few days late!

Added later: I had the thought that if you wanted to make a decoration with your thankfulness answers, but didn't want to do all that cutting, you could write your answers on strips of colored paper and make a paper chain instead.

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