Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Sensory Bottles

Last week I wrote about Lady Bug's first Montessori station. But a over a month before I set that up I had made and tested out some sensory bottles that I made, inspired by Pinterest.

I have pins of really awesome learning bottle with hidden things and chemical reactions and magnets, but then I realized Lady Bug had just barley turned one year old at the time of making and maybe I should start simple. I also started with small bottles because I was going to be filling some of them with water and that would get pretty heavy for a baby. So I went to the store and picked up a pack of 12 cute little water bottles for $2. Sadly, if you want to buy a bottle filled with something that doesn't have all those view skewing ridges, you're going to have to pay $1/bottle. I'm going to check out the dollar store and see what they have some time, but in the meantime I turned five of the bottles I bought into toys for Lady Bug.

From left to right the bottles are: glitter in water, cooking oil and water with blue food coloring, (in the back) popcorn kernels, fuzzy craft balls with googlie eyes glued on them, and dried rice.

The two water ones are great visuals, the two dried food bottles make great maracas (and they sound different!) and the fuzzy balls with eyes I thought would be fun since I made these at the beginning of October. Even the boys had fun playing with them, and when I first made them I kept having to take them back from Early Bird so Lady Bug could explore with them! I'll try making some more once I find something better to look through. In the mean time I've been putting these in the diaper bag to play with when we're out of the house and they're still getting a lot of use; especially the noisy ones.

For more ideas of other sensory bottles I have some Pinned to my Toddler board.

Follow Mrs.'s board Toddler on Pinterest.

I'm going to be trying several ideas from this board in the next few months and blogging about how they work out. I've also been making mini updates and other tips on the Sceleratus Classical Academy Facebook page.

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