Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 3

Good News: this expressive introvert survived leaving the house for activities three days in a row this week!

Bad News: we were all so tired and grumpy from the new schedule that we got even less done this week than we did last week.

I'm going to go by subject again for this week.

Vocabulary: 3/4 Going great! Only reason we didn't get four done this week is because Friday morning Early Bird did not get enough sleep the night before and was having a Very Difficult Day. But we still love Wordly Wise B, and it's still a good way to start the school day. Eventually I'll get a review done for it.

Grammar: 3/4 But really it's more like 2/4 because one of those lessons was a review because I didn't prepare the next lesson ahead of time, and then forgot to prepare it again for the next day. Also, Friday being a VDD for Early Bird, Grammar would not have gotten done that day anyway. This week it was finally time to teach the boys about state of being verbs, and they loved the memory device I was taught years ago. Once we're done with the first ten lessons of First Language Lessons 2, I will post about it all with a video of the story.

Writing: 4/4! Triumph at last! And Early Bird is no longer fighting me about using the pencil with the grip like he did the first week, and the six letters that we've done with our handwriting he does really well! And Builder Boy is doing his all by himself while I work with Early Bird; no fighting, no dallying, and it's legible!! Yes, that's an unprofessional amount of exclamation marks, and I do hope you will pardon me; I'm just so relieved and excited that this trouble subject is actually coming together really well.

Spelling: 3/4, or was it 2/4? I admit, I have been lax in recording everything in Skedtrack this week. Lady Bug has not been sleeping well, and has been in bed with me for most nights since...I have no idea. Which means I am really tired, and when school time is over, I'm not getting much more than resting done. Good thing I can fix it all in the computer on the weekend.

Reading: 2/4 OPGTR lessons done, 3/4 (or was it 2/4) reading time done. I gave the boys a Non-fiction reading test one of those days that I had picked up on a Scholastic Dollar Day a year or so ago. They did as well as I expected them to do on the first time with a test like that. I was surprised to see they both came to the (not what the test wanted) answer for one of the questions; I did it with them apart so they wouldn't get the answer from each other. But the earning the flags on the books is going very well, and I've noticed an attitude change for the good. Yay for finally getting in the habit of reading for an actual length of time!

Handwriting: 0/4 Because the last of the letter sequence for our Handwriting Without a Pencil requires prep; and I didn't, and kept forgetting.

Math: 4/4, though two of those days were working on just one, extra large lesson with both the boys. Math is going great with Early Bird; it's all easy for him still, but the review of math facts has been super helpful. Thankfully he is a child who does not in the least mind easy review, and that review has cemented in him his up to five math facts and given him more confidence with adding. I have also noticed he is doing more math mentally and needing less visual cues as he goes through the book. I'm still doing most of the writing, but this week he took over writing the 0's and 1's, as they are the same as the O's and l's that he's done with handwriting.

Builder Boy's math this week: to avoid drama from happening like it did last week, I started doing all of the highlighted portions with him. The last two lessons Builder Boy decided to "trick" me and do some or most of it on his own. Sometimes he writes, sometimes I write. Sometimes he does it all on his own, sometimes I help. This week I followed his cues, instead of doing what I thought he should be able to do by now, and it went so much better! No tears! Halleluiah and praise the Lord!

History: 2/2 and I even finished my blog post on it!

Science: 1/2 And all we did is finish the second half of the first lesson from last week. There will be a post about scheduling this curriculum for young kids just as soon as we make it through the first chapter; so probably in a month at this rate.

Co-op: 1/1 We went, we did, we survived! Okay, not exactly "veni, vidi, vici," but it did go well. The boys acted very well, which was wonderful and probably made me look really good. I'm in charge of the activities and crafts for teaching the K-3rd grade kids (mostly five and six year old boys) their states this year. I will be blogging about that, too; just not today. I'm tired.

Art Appreciation Tea Party: this felt like a lot more work now that co-op has started. But if I actually buy my ingredients before the actual day, it will probably go easier. If you're following Sceleratus Classical Academy on Facebook then you already know that what I thought was my go-to place for watercress turned out to be all for naught. So we tried liverwurst instead, which I fully expected to hate, but I had wanted to try ever since I read The Cricket in Times Square. To my surprise, I loved it! And so did Builder Boy, my young foodie. Early Bird did not care for it, but I was very proud of him for trying it. Since Thursday I have tried liverwurst in two other sandwiches, and they're all delicious! (Blog post on the Tea Party on Monday.)

So, not the best of weeks for getting all academics done. But AWANAS started this week, co-op started this week, and speech therapy is still every Friday. So it will probably take a little time to adjust. And silly me, I'm considering adding gymnastics on Tuesdays! And we're rocking writing and math is better, so that's good.

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