Saturday, June 29, 2013

What 32 Weeks Means to Me

Today I am officially at week 32 of my pregnancy. This milestone means a lot to me because it was at 32 weeks exactly with my last pregnancy that I collapsed with severe preeclampsia and had to go to the hospital and have an emergency c-section. That means every day after today is "breaking" the record of my last pregnancy.
First time we got to hold Early Bird (a week after he was born)

When Early Bird was in the NICU, even before he came home, I struggled with the question of whether or not we would have another baby. We had planned on more, we wanted a medium sized family (in our view that was 3 or 4 kids.) But I had just had emergency c-sections twice now, and this one was premature. Should we really risk it again?

That choice is individual and personal for every couple to consider for themselves. For us it took three and a half years of talking with each other, thinking, and praying about it. For a long time we didn't feel like we had the spiritual "go ahead" signal. And then, we did. I had intended seeing a OB for a consultation before starting to try to get pregnant for a third time, but that didn't end up happening.

I could still end up with a premature baby. We're not out of the woods yet. This time around I made sure I am being watched by a High Risk OB and I'm monitoring myself very carefully. But every day after today I'm going to feel just a little bit easier.

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