Monday, May 13, 2013

Exploring Space: The Plan

Here's one of the benefits of homeschooling: when you've got a kid who becomes really interested in something, sometimes you can just scrap the plan and study what your kid is interested in. Builder Boy has been all about space for the past month, so I decided to plan 3 weeks of "Space School!" Last summer we had such a fun time going through the Evan Moor book Learning to be a Scientist. I wasn't thrilled with Evan Moor's Learning About Animals, but I decided to give their Exploring Space book a try. We will spend the first two weeks going through Exploring Space, and then we will spend another week learning about astronauts, spaceships, the moon landings, and the International Space Station. And, like last year, I will be blogging about our learning adventure as we go along. Exploring Space is intended for grades 1-3, but Early Bird will be tagging along with us, doing what he can and is interested in. After hearing non-stop from Builder Boy over last month, Early Bird has actually picked up quiet a few facts. Some of Exploring Space will be review for the kids, and I'll be supplementing where needed, where other things are areas they haven't had covered yet.

I also made a Space Pinterest Board.

Previous space learning resources used (in order the kids were introduced to them):

The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book
The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

Amazing Space Facts (found at the thrift store)
Seeing Stars (another thrift store find)

TV Show Episodes on YouTube: 

I don't get paid for reviews (but hey, Evan Moor representatives! Leave a comment if you want to get in touch about promotional offers or discounts I can offer readers!) and all opinions are my own.
I do get a small percentage if you purchase something on after clicking on one of my links (the pictures of the books are links to their listings.)
You can purchase the e-book version of Exploring Space here at Evan-Moor's website. This eliminates the need to scan the reproducible workbook pages for printing, but since it's the same price as the book on Amazon, I chose the actual physical book.

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